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Tommy Toe Hold - With Hands & feet

There is this Youtube cartoon called The Tommy Toe Hold Show (TTTHS). It's all about mixed martial arts (MMA), but mostly it focuses on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). (A lot of initials.) It also has the worst animation ever devised by man. You should check it out after reading this. You'll get a laugh. TTTHS The format is Tommy (The bald bearded guy.) standing to the side as he talks to cut outs of famous MMA guy's heads about their fights and stuff. All the celebrity voices are impersonated (Poorly), but damn it is funny. Mostly there is no movement. The only animation is the mouth opening and closing. What makes it funny is the attitude and what they say. My friend Paul, asked me "why?" I assume he meant why am I so much more interesting and cool than he is, but he may have meant why did I make this poster. To answer the assumed question, I am Above Average. So as part of that I'm just naturally awesome and cool. I can't help it. Paul, be happy because you are my friend and that makes you Above Average by proxy. Even if you were not my good friend you would be mildly interesting on your own. Be proud of that. Now as for why I made this. (If that is what you asked.) I'm a fan. I've seen almost every episode. That's about 13 hours of internet cartoon madness. The art is just awful though and I thought it would be nice to have an Above Average Art option of Tommy. He usually has no hands or feet and I thought he may want some. I personally would love some shoes like this, but as a size 15 I wear what I can find. I actually sent this character sheet to Tommy's people. I'd love if they used my Tommy for the show, but they probably wont. Bad art has a big following. (Look at South Park.)

If you watch the show you'll know this is all they need.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been making these Tear Posters. I feel like they add a little something extra to the idea of a poster.

  • A sense of interaction with my art.

  • A little bit of Above Average Art you can take with you.

  • If you find it someplace, then it's a happy surprise.

Lastly I just like street art and I am experimenting with it. Attempting to get into it. I feel like this is a non destructive and interesting way I can leave my art places. Depending on where it is, it kinda fits in.

I left this one on the door at UFC Gym in Smyrna, GA. I had actually asked if I could leave it inside someplace, but they said I had to come back and ask the manager, so !@#$ that! I just slapped it on the door anyway.

Tip: Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.

They most likely just took it down, but Tommy is pretty popular in their circles, so maybe they left it up. I didn't go back to check. I hope they don't get mad. Those guys know how to kick some ass. Plus I really want to train there and learn some Judo and Muay Thai. No one teaches Judo, so I'll settle for Jiu Jitsu. I need to protect myself from all the haters. (So many haters.)

Well the Poster and the Tommy Character Sheet was made in Adobe Illustrator. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for future Tear Posters. Also, now that you're done open up another window or tab and watch an episode or two of TTTHS. If you watch UFC you'll like it a lot.

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