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Frankenstein's Monster as a Lamp

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

So I was looking for work and it dawned on me that I don’t have a lot of good examples of my work. I’m really bad about taking pictures. That meaning, I don’t take pictures of my work when I’m working. I just tend to work. In a non social media world that would be good, but I now try to stop my productivity from time to time and take a picture. That Said, I made this to have an example of my sculptural work.

I have very limited experiance with electricity. I’m trying to get better, but it’s a bit scary. I have been shocked before and that sucks. Much worse than that, the probability of frying the hardware and making expensive components catch fire, burn out or simply not work is a constant fear that I face as an amateur electrician. I gave it my best shot here. I wanted to have a control panel, not just an on off switch. I installed an indicator light, a voltmeter and a missile launch style "on switch" along side a simple dimmer switch.

I love details when I get the chance or opportunity to add them in. A lot of projects don’t require them, but I made this for me, so I added them in. I wanted the monster (Frankenstein is the the doctor.) to look partially dead and morose with bad skin. I added pimples and blemishes. I was gonna give him a dangling earring, but I tried it and it looked odd. I used a screw instead. I was going to use thread for the stitches, but instead I went with staples. I made all the staples with a couple of old coat hangers. I left them in water over night to rust up a bit.

The paint was made simple by the texture. I used a standard dry brush technique. Start with a dark base color and work my way from darkest color to the highlights. Then I sealed it with a matte enamel coat. Added some clear epoxy for the lips and to give the blood a bit of shine. Besides that all the paint is acrylic.

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