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Bathroom Icons

Updated: May 27

What do we all have in common? We all use the bathroom. What place do we all come together in? A bathroom, depending on multiple urinals and stalls being there. The bathroom calls one and all to it's porcelain domain. Rich, poor, young and old. It's also a hieroglyphics hold out. Simple symbols have guided those in need to the sweet relief found inside for centuries. Those simple symbols are often basic illustrations of us, people, men and woman. Icons of humanity.

What is an Icon?

A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.

That's one definition of the word. There are others, but this one works for all the purposes I need it to.

The three ways to load toilet paper.

I love the simplicity of these designs along with their versatility. They work at any size and are instantly recognizable for the Icons they are and associated with the area they are... ,Privy to. It's fun to break down a character, profession or class of people to a very basic and recognizable illustration. They make great Stickers.

Stickers available in my shop.

They look Above Average on stuff.

I can also create custom Bathroom Icons for your home, business or maybe you just like decorating bathrooms. I don't judge.

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