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Supergirl Costume Design Update

To be clear and for anyone that doesn't know, Supergirl is a DC Comic character. Currently I have No affiliation with that company. (I'd like to, but they won't return my calls.) She was created by writer, Otto Binder and designed by artist, Al Plastino way back in 1959. Supergirl got her own television show on CBS a while back and then the CW got it and it was absorbed into the Arrowverse. (Ties into the show Arrow.) CBS dropped it. (A bit confusing.) I just watch it on Netflix. Well anyway, I came up with a design for her costume and a new logo. I was inspired when I saw the first image of what she would be wearing on on her show. (I really liked it.) It was sexy, but very classic. Unlike a lot of female comic book character's costumes, It was respectable. The type of thing a superhero actually would wear. I really think the Oscar winning costume designer, Colleen Atwood did an Above Average job. I just think I could do better. (That's just me.)

I made very simple changes to the costume. Superman and Supergirl traditionally have no trim around the holes in their costumes. (Neck hole, wrist holes, etc.) The New 52 Superman has red trim. He also has a bunch of weird lines all over his costume. (I hate that.) and NO outside the unitard Red Underwear! That's just un-American.

Superman will always have visible RED underwear when I draw him.

Anyway, back to Supergirl. I gave her some nice yellow trim to go with her pretty blond hair. The trim is also on the pleated skirt with a yellow waist band, but that's pretty standard for Supergirl. I like my Supergirl with a midriff. There is something provocative about a tight shirt with long sleeves covering her arms, but it's cut short to show the tummy. I think it reminds me of a girl I liked in high school. (Hello Becky.) Plus I was a cheerleader back then and maybe the midriff is just nostalgia for all my cheerleader gal pals from back then. (It was really fun.) Instead of nylons like in the TV show, I gave her red leggings that are just a bit darker red than her cape. I live in Georgia now, but I'm from Florida. There, girls wear short shorts and mini skirts, but start to cover up when it gets cold outside. Here in the peach state they wear leggings a lot, even in winter. Really... tight... spandex... leggings. They are the best! I was shocked when I first came here and saw all these women who looked like they have no pants on and have painted their lower half. I'm not complaining. For me as a heterosexual guy, It's way better than the short shorts and skirts I grew up with in Florida. (Sorry Becky.) What can I say? I pay attention to these things. Changing the color of her boots was a big thing and kind of hard for me to wrap my head around. Superman and Supergirl have Red Boots. They always have. Changing that is weird to me. It's almost as weird as Superman without red underwear on the outside. Once I changed the boot's color to the same blue as the shirt and the skirt it just made sense. The darker red leggings and her midriff helps break up light blue, but I feel the color acts as a locking pin, to hold the costume design all together. Lastly there's her cape, I left it red. (I wouldn't tug on it.) The biggest change I made and I really think DC Comics should adopt it, is the chest logo shape from a Diamond to a triangle. It's actually not new at all. It's a mishmash of some of Superman's logos from 1938-1939. I put the red "S" on black with some more yellow trim. I think it would be a great marketing, financial and artistic choice for Supergirl; that would help to empower the character and all the women that look up to and admire her. Hurray for feminism and all that jazz.

  • Marketing: Supergirl is wearing Superman's Logo. Call it hope, a big "S" or whatever. It's Superman's. The logo I made is a mix up of his old logos, but he's not using them, so I say he loses them. This would help distinguish the two characters. Supergirl is obviously a girl version of Superman, but that doesn't mean she has to copy all his style. A common thing I see when Googling the Superman logo is the "S" and diamond on a field of blue. Instantly I know it's Superman. Change the diamond to a triangle and BAM! It could be instantly recognizable as Supergirl's.

  • Financially: DC Comics makes a lot of money selling Superman logo shirts, pants, underwear and everything else you can imagine. (I have a Superman TV in my house and it is Above Average.) Just imagine all those products with the new Supergirl logo on it. Even if they sell half as much as the Superman stuff, that's still a lot of monetary cheddar and cheddar is delicious.

  • Artistically: As an artist, I don't like drawing the same thing all the time. It would be nice to see images of Supergirl and her Cousin side by side without it looking like a gender bending mirror. I don't think I'm the only artist that feels this way. (I could be.)

  • Feminism: I am a man, but I get it. Women just want to feel BE equals to men. I think DC & Warner Bros. are doing a great job of that with Wonder Woman. She looked badass in Batman Vs. Superman. (Really liked that movie.) You know what helps her do that? She has her own logo! She's one of the very few super heroines who have their own logo. Wonder Woman is a champ and led the way, but it's time for Supergirl to follow suit and own her own logo. (Oprah Winfrey would agree with me, I think.)

The last thing that inspired me to change the logo, was watching The Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks. Apparently an upside down triangle is an ancient symbol for the feminine (Woman). Once I knew that, I was surprised at how often it's used. Seriously look around. Heck, look at a naked woman. (Disclaimer:Make sure she knows you're looking, She's ok with it and always knock first.) It makes sense. I know Diamonds are a girls best friend, but triangles are the strongest shape there is. Plenty of women who would be happy to be represented by that strength. I think I've explained that Supergirl would wear it well. What do you think?

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