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Morgan Lux is Above Average.

Just a lovely image of the beautiful and sexy Morgan Lux. She’s an instagram model, Tic Tocker and Youtuber. I found her image on Instagram and was inspired to create a Photo Translation Illustration (PTI). I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to turn her photogenic charm into voluptuous vector art. You can follow Morgan on her social media.

  • Instagram: @morganlux

  • Facebook: Morgan Lux

  • Twitter: @MorganLuxx

  • TikTok: Morgan Lux

  • Onlyfans: Morgan Lux

  • Youtube: Morgan Lux

I created three variant illustrations. One with a cyan shirt on red, another with a red shirt on cyan and one all in pink to support breast cancer awareness because well… It look s like she’s checking for lumps.

If you’d like more info on breast cancer self examination please check out this link:

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