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Lioness Pride

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

It's kind of small here, but the signed prints of this are 17x5½ inches and make great gifts for art lovers, cat lovers, big boob lovers or just people who have a furry fetish. (That last part really wasn't my intent. Who am I to judge?) As with a lot of the stuff I make, I didn't really plan before I started this. Plans are for squares and people who want to get things right the first time. (Plans are a good thing! Plan things out kids.)

The lovely, supple and always charming Chandler Steel Dollahite world famous model and actress. Not world famous yet, but she'll get there soon. She's been in the Divergent series and in The Hunger Games, so that's way better than I'm doing. Plus she's just a genuinely nice person, so one usually wants one like her to succeed. I know I do. Why are you are so negative? The Final Illustration above is actually a fix or a do over. I was in a hurry to finish the original. I just never liked it and I recently had some time to revisit it and fix it. I needed that time because that !@#$ing lion took for !@#$ing ever to !@#$ing illustrate! (Stupid hair!) It was just the one lion. I created the left lion and then flipped it. (Thank you symmetry.) I actually was going to do a different lion, but believe me it looks lopsided when not symmetrical. Below is the Original Image. One idea that lead me to this was to use her arms as the horizon line and I wanted her hands interacting with something, so I had them breaking free of the frame. While it worked, I just like it better with the lions and with no frame. (You like it also, right?) The original title was Savanna Sunrise, but look at the new one. Doesn't she look proud of her two roaring fellas? Plus it's a play on the word pride. (I love me some word play.)

Both the new and the old pictures are Photo Translation Illustration. (PTI) I make these by starting with a photo and then building the artwork over it in Adobe Illustrator. Bellow are some screen shots to help illustrate (HA!) how I make my Illustrations using the PTI method.

It all starts with a photo of the lovely Chandler. I think originally we wanted to do some kind of Medusa thing with her hair, but I ended up doing that with another model instead. Woman aren't furry, so I wanted to try and make a sexy and furry woman. I was going to do a werewolf, but people do that a lot, so I went with a cat. That led me to lions, she's a woman and that's were the Lioness thing came from. I like big boobs, (and can not lie...) so that's the first thing I added. (Chandler liked them too.) Then I traced her form, added some hair, some lions and Bada Bing you got this pretty kitty.

Chandler is kind of my biggest fan. She is always up to model for me and she is too successful to be helping me, so big thanks to here. She's going to be in an upcoming Star Wars Droids image I'm making and I promised her a Mermaid Illustration, that I want to make all in one shot, so I can record it in a time laps video. Just need a free day to do it. Gosh darn I'm busy. Chandler, if you are reading this I promise that it's coming. Thank you for not rushing me like some other models who have become a bit impatient. I sold prints at San Diego ComicCon. They like lions out there.

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