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Mershark Attack

Back in my youth. (I'm old now.) I had this idea for doing a mermaid image, but I thought that maybe there were different kinds of mermaids. There are different kinds of fish, so why not? I sought out Buxom Beautiful Bikini Babes to help me make my art come true. Also because, WHY NOT? The actual Illustration is an Early Photo Translation Illustration (PTI) of mine. I think I made it around 2004, maybe. It was most likely made in Adobe Illustrator 10. (The fighting 10th!) I reviewed the images from the photo shoot I had with the two girls. (Long review process.) Once I picked one out, I lock it down and build my art on top of it. I could just draw the poses myself, but Where's the fun in that? Working with beautiful woman in bikinis is so much more satisfying.

The Models are Aubrey and Kali. I had taken pictures of Aubrey before, but I never got inspired to make any art from those pictures. She looked great, but I just didn't get any of that creative spark. I called her up and told her my mermaid idea. I asked to take pictures of her again, but then she asked this "Can I bring my Roommate with me? She's cute and she needs pictures. We can pose together!" YES! a thousand times YES! Aubrey is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in person and after seeing her roommate I was amazed that much pretty lived in one apartment. I was very happy to take their picture, IN BIKINIS! ♥ I had such a crush on Aubrey. ♥ (The blond girl.) Big boobs, smart as wip, the woman is very funny and just look at her. WOOOO! Just look at the animated .gif above. Great example of that sense of humor. She is a genuinely beautiful person. She had a boyfriend, lived really far away from me and it's just unprofessional to ask out your model. If I had met her out and about someplace I would have at least asked her out. She's married now, has a kid and STILL LOOKS LIKE THIS! It truly blows my mind. Her family is as beautiful as she is. I'm glad she's doing well.

Her roommate is hot too. Kali is that girl next door type. She's got this look like she just wants to stay in and read a book, but if you get her out she'd own the night. Very nice girl and a great model. I think she's a banker now. It may not sound like I act in a professional manner, but I really am. What I think and what I do are two different things. I treated these girls like all models should be treated, with respect. Modeling is a lot harder than people think and I don't want to add to a good models list of problems they deal with. These girls were Above Average Sexy Ladies and I was lucky to work with them.

This is the original Image I created the Illustration from. I'm a much better photographer than I was back then. (Lighting is a bitch.) I wish I had an assistant with a reflector here. You live and learn.

I have a lot of pictures with these two and I recently reviewed them. I have some ideas, so I'll try to work them into my ever expanding art ideas list. Until then, the above image is the only Above Average ArtI have of them. I may return to this concept again someday and do a better job. More detail, better lighting and I'd add some seashells. (Kali, take that top off.) The Mershark idea deserves a second go around.

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