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Beach Flower Blooming

Have you ever had a Playboy Bunny contact you? Then ask you to draw her like one of those french girls? Neither have I, but I did get contacted by Miss August 2008, Kayla Collins. (@KaylaCollins) I was on a model and photographer website called Model Mayhem. A great site. I've met a lot of models on there. I was usually the one who reached out to the model that I wanted to work with, but not this time. I opened up my inbox and a message from this beautiful blond popped up. I wish I still had the original message, but it basically was this.

Hey there, I love your art and you are so hansom. I would be so grateful if you made a picture of me. Your Above Average Art is sooooo good. It turns me on. ----- XOXOXO Kayla Collins

So she didn't call me hansom and never mentioned my art turning her on, but I assume she felt these things. Why wouldn't she feel that way?

I like to take photos of my models myself. Then I create an image of them. I don't always get to photograph the model though. In this case Kayla was in California and could not come and do a Bikini shoot with me. (I'm sure she wanted to.) A busy busty girl. Instead, she sent me a lovely picture of her either unfastening or fastening her bikini bottom at a beach. (I do not know the photographer. Please leave a comment below and I will credit him if you know.) I like to think of her as starting a new trend. The bottomless beach. Well anyway, I created the above PTI from this image. PTI stands for Photo Translation Illustration. It's my own fancy term for basically tracing the image in Adobe Illustrator. I usually do a hard black line work drawing (Like a comic book drawing.) and then color it, but I played around with this softer layered style to reflect Kayla's softer side. Although I'm sure shes firm in all the right places. When I was done I posted the image in my Model Mayhem portfolio and Kayla loved it. I worked at a sign shop at the time and had access to large printing, so I asked if she'd like me to send her a print and if I could have an address to send it to. She then Provided it.


I offered to deliver her print in person, but apparently the mansion has security like Fort Knox and I wouldn't be allowed in. So I mailed the print I made for her. I honestly did not ask, nor expected anything in return. (I'm a giver.) I figured I may meet her sometime in the future and be able to get a hug. That would have been enough. Instead this sweet adorable woman sent me the following.

A hand written thank you letter on Playboy Mansion letter head and these two lovely 8x10s of her in a sexy leopard print bra and one in the classic Playboy Bunny costume.

It was a really nice and appreciated gesture on her part, but I hope she'll still hug me if I meet her in person. (Hand written letters go a long way.) I don't get star struck as much as I used to (Yeah I do.), but It really helped my confidence as an artist, being asked to do this by Kayla. For that I am very thankful. I wish her the best in all she does, I think she's a DJ now, DJ Dollface. If you have your own Playboy Bunny or Playboy Mansion story or you have any questions about mine, please share in the comments below.

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