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!@#$ You, Jackson Pollock

!@#$ me too. The picture below is the only picture I have of this thing. The picture above is a maquette. This was the very first sculpture I made while at SCAD. I wanted to make a trebuchet, but that wasn't artsy enough, so I made one that flings paint instead of rocks or pumpkins. How boring is that? It totally worked too. At the time I just wasn't thinking of taking pictures of my work. Also, I lived in this crappy bug infested apartment and I didn't have room for the thing, so I tossed it after my grade came in. (A+) I should have made some paintings with it first. Maybe I'll make another one later.

I made it after listening to some teachers praising Jackson Pollock. I think he's a hack. After expressing this, I was forced to do some research on Mr. Pollock. Once the research was done it was clear that Jack was a dick. He belittled other artist, was a raving drunk and a womanizer. He ended up dying the same way his paintings were made. splattered on the floor. He died in a car accident. I think that is poetic as hell. If you want to defend Mr. Pollock or better yet agree with me in some way, let me know in the comments below.

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