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My Mako

So Dragon Con 2023 was coming up. I new I wouldn't be able to bring my Big Red Snake that I had with me the year before. I couldn't afford a U-Haul again, so I borrowed my moms van. I packed that thing to the brim.

Well anyway, I wanted something toothy to show off and get peoples attention. So I grabbed a block of foam and started sculpting a shark. It's NOT BRUCE from Finding Nemo. Bruce is a great white and this is more of a Mako shark. I like Mako sharks. They are super toothy and I think they are the fastest shark. It's made from one block of foam and one foam ball I cut in half. It's just easier to buy a sphere than make one. I coated it with paper and a water proofing material. Then I painted it. Pretty strait forward. I put some table top resin over the teeth and lips to make them look wet.

Worked pretty well at Dragon-Con. A lot of people stopped by and seemed to enjoy it. I like this size, so I hope to make more like this in the future.

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