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Wooden Butt Drawing

I was cutting up a palette into pieces and I came upon this lovely knot in the wood that to me... looked like a butt.

I showed it to my girlfriend and she said "You are weird, go away I'm watching Grey's Anatomy."

She says that a lot, but I still saw the Butt. I decided to accentuate the butt so that everyone could see it. I'm very sorry that I forgot to take a before picture, but it happens sometimes. I GOT EXCITED! I saw a butt and had to take action. I drew over the knot in the wood and accentuated the butt.I think it came out pretty good. Well... NOT PRETTY, but good.

The end product has some texture to it. I sanded down around the butt. That made the wood grain kind of pop. I added a unique little plaid border. that is held on with nice little brass tacks. Then I put a foam backing on to just make it look cleaner and added a raised metal thingy to catch a nail or tack so it will stand off from the wall a bit.

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