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Tiki Galactus

Behold! The devour-er of worlds has come bearing our doom. Waste no time hiding, waste no time running and to fight against him would be futile. Tiki Galactus comes with the great Power Cosmic and no human weapon or force can possibly stand against his wooden mite. (That last part sounds a bit dirty.)

Galactus is a cosmic character from Marvel Comics. Created by Stan "The Man" Lee and an original Above Average Artist, Jack Kirby. Galactus goes around draining planets of their life energy, thus killing the planet. He's not a bad guy though. He's more like a force of nature. A space hurricane that wipes out your planet like a city built under sea level. The dude has to eat! Last I read he had a deal with the Fantastic Four not to eat Earth, but they change everything all the time. I wonder why he hasn't eaten Mars or Venus? Jupiter would just give him gas. If you didn't know anything about him, now you do. He's bound to show up in a future Marvel movie. I found this log several years ago and I've held onto it for a while. In fact I still have the other half of it, too. I think it's Birch, but I really don't know.

As a gift I got a Proxxon power carver and rotary tool. That prompted me to use them. I have the log. I also saw this amazing T-shirt that depicted Galactus as a Tiki Head. that clinched it. I had to get started making this thing. I work with wood a lot, but I never really carve it. This is my very first wood carving.

I started with a rough drawing of the planet eater's face on the log.

After that I have to get to work carving it and figuring out how to do it along the way. I love not knowing how to do something. (Solving problems is fun.)

I personally like the T-shirt better, but that's just me. (I'm really critical of my own work.) I really enjoyed making this though. I shared pictures on social media along the way. People really seemed to like it. (Positive people on the internet?) I also like coming in at the end of the day covered in saw dust. Makes me feel like I did something. Lastly I turned a tree branch into a face! How many people do that or even feel like doing that? I'm sure it's a lot, but as a percentage of humanity it's probably not much. (2% maybe? What do I know?)

Well I made this Tiki with some basic wood working tools. My #RIDGID Drill and sander are always priceless. The #Proxxon power carver was great. Never used one before. It was really easy to pick up and handle. The paint was all acrylic for the big stuff. I used some paint pens I was given for all the squiggles. Paint pens are AWESOM! I wanted the head to be a versatile piece of art so it has a foam rubber base for sitting on shelves, mantles and such. I also engineered a little hook hole in the back for hanging up on a wall. Added some rubber nubs to keep it off the surface of the wall. Makes it look floaty.

Keep your Tiki Dreams alive.

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