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Spider-Man Picture Frame

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

I was practicing building Small Statues (Maquettes) and I wanted to make something that would hang on a wall instead of just having a base. To mix it up.

I made this out of MDF, (A type of wood.) Popsicle sticks, wire, tinfoil, Sculpy and some other stuff. The hardest part was drawing those @#$%ing webs on his costume. I did that with a Sharpie after I painted it. I had this idea to integrate a photo into it, so I had a facebook contest to find a picture. I didn't get many entries, but I got good ones. The Lovely Laurie provided some Asian flavor. Fun Fact about her, she knows how to Hula dance. She's also a graphic artist and a high priced painter. Hot Hot Holly added her flair. Holly and I used to be cheerleaders in high school. I've picked her up over my head. (She's very lightweight.)

The winner of the contest was a lovely model friend of mine. The Charming Chandler Dollahite (@channysteele12). She's an actress and a model. She's been in Divergent, the Hunger Games and she's a cosplayer. She's gonna be big I just know it. I'm hopping to be mentioned in her Oscar acceptance speech. I left it up to facebook to pick the winner, but I think she won because she looks like Mary Jane and she included a Dog in her picture. (Everyone knows, dogs win votes.)

The Picture below is just me having fun at Wal-Mart.

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