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Solid Snake Mounted

I got him. The last Metal Gear (#metalgear) game I played was Snake Eater, but I still managed to bag and tag the legendary Solid Snake. It's the old man Snake from Guns of the Patriots, but still. SOLID SNAKE!

I love the Metal Gear game series, but I never have time to play it. It's a solid eight hours to beat a game. I want to pre-ordered the Quiet (a character in the series.) toy from Play Arts Kai, but it's like $100. She's got SQUEEZABLE BREAST. That is historic. First non-life sized toy to have that I think. Luckily, I have more constructive things to spend my money on, like a band saw. Also I have a girlfriend with real breast that I can squeeze. (They are better.) I do accept gifts though. I made a bunch of these badge shapes back at SCAD when I had access to a Laser Cutter. I thought it would be a cool series if I made mounted heads of all the characters I love with animal names. This is the first one in the series. I had some process images, but I feel lazy today. Didn't want to go find them. Check out my Instagram, they are on thier a while back. Here are a bunch of shots from different angles.

I made this sneaky snake out of Polymer Clay (#Sculpey), tin foil, wood and some old computer screws. It's not that big. It's maybe two inches in each direction? It's painted using a dry brush technique and acrylic paint. Also just a bit of ribbon for the bandanna. (Infinite Ammo!)

Like I said, I haven't played any Metal Gear game past the third one. Are the later games any good? What do you think of this little sculpture? Please ask your questions or say something in the comments below.

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