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Roller Coaster Chair & Foot Stool

You ever build a chair & Foot stool with a CNC router? I did. I made this a while back for a Class at SCAD and I figured I'd throw it up here. I designed it for a flat pack project. Think about Ikea furniture. When not assembled the entire thing needs to be fit FLAT into a box. This helps with shipping and in turn drives down price. (Thank you Ikea for the cheap furniture. Collage would have sucked without it.) Well this thing packed very nicely, but I have since lost the pictures of it all packed up. (Sorry)

I designed the entire thing in Adobe Illustrator to be cut out of one 4x8 piece of cabinet grade sanded plywood. Then I stained all the slats that red color. Finished it all up by screwing it together with some recessed stainless steel screws. I only called it a roller coaster chair because it kind of ended up looking like one. No deep artistic reason. (Shame on me.)

It was very sturdy and strong, but it was not a very comfortable chair. I had not yet figured out ergonomics and peoples spines just don't bend like that. It's all good though. The chair has not gone to waist. I actually still have the disassembled pieces of this thing. (I'm a wood horder. It's a problem.) plan on making some costume wings, a rocking chair and some kind of shelf from what's left. It's been a couple years though. I need to get on it.

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