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Midnight Signs & Wraps

From 2017 to around 2019 I was the art director and shop manager. This place was interesting because they had a lot of equipment and materials, I hadn’t used before. A CNC machine, flatbed printer and every kind of wrap vinyl one could imagine. So it was an interesting look into the possibilities that were available with all the materials and means of production. Only problem is, clients are rarely willing to pay for something truly Above Average. The real gem of this place was seeing how they install. The installers here really go above and beyond to make you forget that a wrap is a giant sticker. They remove and replace a lot of parts that get in the way. They do it right. Fun fact: The logo here has nothing to do with midnight or with night time at all, it is only an M with annoying pointy bits that make it a real pain in the butt to design with. I hate this logo, I hate it so very much.

While there I got to do some cool projects for some famous people. I did a boat wrap (Above.) for Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame Baseball player. (See it in the gallery.) The absolute coolest thing I got to do was illustrate and design the artwork for the wrapper and producer T-Pain‘s personal drift car. He’s a big fan of the cartoon Rick and Morty. He later made this little video to show it off. Look at the detail on the spit.

I also did a lot of other sign and wrap related things.

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