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Day Shift the Movie

Can a Netflix Movie be a blockbuster? I'm not sure, but I worked on this one. This was my very first feature film I worked on. The great and powerful Chris Reynolds gave me a shot at foam sculpting for the movies and I fell in love with it. Chris and I went to college together. Never worked with so many great sculptors before. It was a blast except for all the mask wearing.

That's Chris on the right and on the left is Greg Bivens, a very goofy looking fella, but what a great sculptor and nice guy to work with.

This guy is Ninh Chau the master of the fillet knife. He used to be a Disney Imagineer. Hanging out with him taught me so much and really made me push myself to be better.

I was a set sculptor so as part of the crew of other excellent IATSI LOCAL 479 (It's a Union.) sculptors, carpenters, welders, utilities and more. we built some truly large sets. Above you can see the Mayan temple and catacombs sets from different angles and moments in their construction. I don't have any picture of it, but I also built the stairs that Jamie fox gets thrown UP! It's a funny scene from the movie. Watch it. I met the director, J.J. Perry. From what I understand it was his first time directing. He was the stunt coordinator on the John Wick. What a nice guy. Very approachable, creative and happy to be at work. He showed me and Greg some of the dailies and practice shots from the stunts. Wish I took a selfie with him.

Here you can see the cast on the finished temple entrance. You can also see the Dora the Explorer face that I hid in the hieroglyphics. I had such a good time and was so proud to be part of this film. Everyone involved was Above Average.

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