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From 2003 to around 2005, I think I worked for a sign shop called Wraphics. “What the hell is a Wraphic?” is what I heard all the time at my first job out of college, that was in my field. It was my first opportunity to be creative for a practical purpose and get paid for doing so. Wraphics is the genius combination of the word WRAP from vehicle wrap and the word GRAPHICS. I had nothing to do with the naming of this company, but I was their first Graphic Artist. Then soon after I was their first Art Director. I created original artwork for vehicle graphics and full vehicle wraps. We also did signs from time to time, but mostly vehicle stuff. I operated large format printers. I’m pretty sure they had a 54″ Roland VersaCam print and cut. I also used large format laminators in a room with absolutely no dust control, but it was a new business. We figured it out as we went. It was my first shot at management, having two graphic artists and a secretary that answered to me. Fun fact: I had to fire my first employee only for my boss to hire him back almost the very next day. I didn’t want to fire him because he had a family and I felt bad. My boss hired him back because he had a family and felt bad.

If you work in the wrap game you may agree. Air conditioning companies are the best clients. They provide good images and usually are pretty open to any fire and ice design you come up with.

Our installer used to joke that we'd ask him to wrap a bowling ball with no seems someday. We got a lot of interesting vehicles at Wraphics.

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