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Blackjack Wraps

From 2006 to around 2009 I worked at Blackjack Wraps. This place actually poached me from another job. I was poached, like an egg or an endangered elephant. The owners were former clients of mine from Wraphics. They loved my work and were starting there own shop, so I was the artist they wanted. All the owners were professional sports fisherman, so they basically made money off of all thier friends. We did a lot of wraps for boats. Boats are interesting to design for. They look flat, but there is a subtle curve that can throw everything off and waist a lot of material, but I know that now. Fun fact: One of my bosses chewed tobacco and had a cup of tobacco spit that he would put down in precarious places. I lived in constant, awful and blinding fear of spilling that cup. I never did. I operated large format printers here too. I think it was an HP 9000. I talked the owner into buying a Gerber Edge for boat letters and numbers. He thought I was crazy. After a year he loved that machine. made him so much money.

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