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It would seem, the most offensive mini-comic ever.

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

It's really, not that bad, but when I try to sell this thing at a convention, people are apprehensive to even look at it. It sucks because I want to sell them, but it's funny because people are so self consciences about certain subjects and don't want anyone to think they condone them. (This does NOT condone or deny the holocaust.) I made the comic to look like a top secret file. The joke is that it implies Hitler was a homosexual that was spurned by a Hasidic Jewish lover. It's very short and left a bit open ended, but when people actually pick it up and read it. I usually get a chuckle and that's all I want.

The book folds out into a poster that is kind of the last page or the first page, depending how you think of it. I made about 100 of these by hand. Below I have the book in it's entirety for your online and enjoyment. If you bought one I really appreciated. I hope they made great gifts for: Jews, Homosexuals, Aryan white supremacist, WWII veterans or a combination of all those things.

*Just read it.

Big fold out reveal!

This is of course a joke, but If this goofy mini-comic actually does offend you after reading it then @#$% you! I write and draw primarily to amuse myself. and those who may share my humor. I pander sometimes, but not all the time and this is one of those... no... pandering... times. If you can't find the humor in something terrible then you need to look again. There is something funny about EVERYTHING! That said, here are the original pencils I did for this. Thanks for reading it and I hope you let out a chuckle.

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