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Don't Try this at Home, An Explosive Short Story

Ever watch a documentary about the Cold War or Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan? Maybe you watched that movie about a kid who makes an atomic bombs at home. (The Manhattan Project with John Lithgow.) Well this is that Story retold in a way, but with disastrous consequences.

This was a mini comic made for a class at SCAD. (A fancy overpriced college.) I designed this to be small and affordable to print. It was drawn by hand. I then inked and colored it in Adobe Illustrator. The Cover is the only part with color. (It's Kidd's nose. It's red.)

Have you ever seen something on television, the internet or read something that you thought was just NEAT? You think to yourself, maybe I could try doing this, DON'T!

Youtube is filled with thousands of videos that will explain why not to do something. Those videos will do a better job than I can, but you are hear, so why not enjoy Don't Try This at home? A web comic that illustrates some drastic and outlandish ways thing can go wrong. Follow Kidd (That's the main characters name. The two Ds are intentional.) through his misadventures in human curiosity.

The way I work, I kind of just draw what I need and I do the rest in Adobe Illustrator. Below are the drawings I used to create this mini comic. I think it's fun to see the creative process. What do you think? (Leave a comment.)

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