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Generic Heroine

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

When I was but a wee lad, I used to draw a lot of super heroes, Guys mostly with an occasional female here and there. Then I attended a comic book convention and overheard a publisher talking with a prospective artist. This guy had an extensive collection of super hero women. The publisher remarked with enthusiasm “This is what sells comics, hot girls in tight outfits!” Call me an impressionable youth, but for some reason that statement stuck with me my entire life. That day I went home and started drawing women, damsels, femme fatales and the namesake of this book, heroines. In this case, generic ones. I had a teacher tell me once that originality is dead. We should all try to be original. That is what matters most.

I didn’t do that here. I embraced unoriginality as much as possible for this. I wanted to go as generic as possible. I thought of the most common types of comic book heroes and then made a female version of that type. I got the idea for this Generic Heroine – Art Book (A book of art, not a comic.) from another art book called Pure Heroine made by the lovely and extremely talented Laurie B. (@ArtofLaurieB) An Above Average Artist whose art books I collect. It is a book full of drawings of female super heroes and female versions of male super heroes. I love this book. A lot of really good sketches. Plus she’s just a really nice lady. That said, I totally ripped her off and basically the entire super hero industry by making this book. I came up with goofy names and back stories for each of the characters. I made them all different enough from everything out there, but if you’ve seen a Marvel or DC movie, watch TV show or have read a comic in the past fifty years you should be able to call out which characters are being emulated here.

I made one hundred of these little books to sell at conventions, fairs and other places, but you can see it here for FREE because I am just awful at business. (I'm gonna die hungry.) With each character I Also included the original drawings I used as a base to Illustrate their image. The final artwork was digitally inked and colored using Adobe Illustrator.

Violet Vixen (Animal Type)

A head-to-toe furry woman. Her fuzzy appearance is a result of a high school biology experiment gone horribly wrong, combining common house-cat DNA with human and adding food coloring. (Lots of food coloring.) The specifics are a mystery, but she did win the science fair. She Has super agility, can climb things, scratch up furniture and she totally stands out in a crowd. (She's the only one covered in purple fur, usually.) She’s also pretty smart, but a bit clumsy.

Orrosta (God Type)

This god, actually came down from the heavens to make the world a better place. At least that was her intent. She is An older god who isn’t familiar with the ways of modern society, so she tends to cause a lot ofproperty damage. Praise her for making an effort. Her fellow gods don’t do jack. She is a strict believer in old testament justice which goes with her being a fierce and violent War Goddess. She has good intentions, but Her tendency of being very angry and quick to action causes problems, a lot. (Don't tell her I said that last part.)

Solar Wind (Alien Type)

An alien without a home, wondering the vastness of space and time arrives on earth. She came with one or one thousand extra senses and abilities including telepathy, telekinesis and energy projection. Even though she could wipe out humanity with a thought, she still puts up with people shunning her and giving her a hard time because of how different she looks. Low self-esteem and a keen awareness of nature keeps her on the side of good, but for how long? Bum… Bum… Bum!

Venus (Magic Type)

She’s a Witch!” the people yell. The people are correct. Despite the name calling she defends the material world from the ethereal forces that would do it harm. As part of a traveling gypsy circus, she is rarely in the same place twice. Scoring the globe for mystical ley lines that feed her power, but also feed the power of her enemies.

Animus (Demon Type)

A former angel cast into the infernal pit after being wrongfully cast as part of Satan’s rebellion. After centuries along side her enemies in hell, she broke free of her prison by bonding to the soul of a dying human child. (That sounds bad.)She saved that child’s life and now protects her from harm. When turned into her demonic form she battles injustice to prove what side she is really on, but her time in the pit has made her a little bitter and harsh.

Merica (Patriotic Type)

Grown in a test tube by the government to protect against aliens, terrorists and liberal propaganda. She fights America's enemies with genetically altered strength, super senses and an armored outfit that can defy gravity, Her overbearing sense of self confidence helps out also. those taxpayer funded powers stand strong against anything that may try to stand against AMERICA! (She's a conservative, if that wasn't clear.)

Dr. Donna Time (Adventurer Type)

She’s a time traveler, space goer, jet setter and an interdimensional explorer. With an obscene amount of education under her belt before her 24th birthday. She spends her time building and using her incredible inventions to search for the answers to life’s questions. While she doesn’t look for trouble, she uses her massive intellect to face down any foe. You wouldn’t want to play her at scrabble because you would most likely loose. (Very big vocabulary.)

Wobbegong (Aquatic Type)

From the briny deep she swims, peering out above the waves to see the world of humans only to return (Because walking on land is really hard for her.) Born to an ancient race of deep sea mer-people, she serves her queen by preventing the discovery of her underwater home and trying to stop the pollution of the ocean. She is a bit naive to the ways of air breathers and is often mislead, but when she knows her purpose, she is an adept defender of her race. Using her sharp spines, enhanced strength and speed to swim circles around her enemies. On land the bad guys are safe, but they know not to get too close to the water’s edge.

MOM (Monster Type)

When she was exposed to radioactive material her kids tracked in on their shoes, a Mild mannered housewife was turned into an unstoppable peach powerhouse of parental paranoia. Destructively defending her children against anything she thinks could hurt them. When she ravishes the cookie isle at the grocery store because she thinks her kids will get fat she’s called a monster, but when she flings a drug pusher into lunar orbit to keep her kids off of meth she is praised as a hero. Like most moms, she’s a bit crazy, but she loves her kids.

Six Shot Susanne (Western Type)

No powers, no problem! This country girl has spunk, years of applied knowledge and guns. That last bit is the most important because in America, guns make you feel super. (She has two!) She has a tepid sense of frontier justice. her ethic is to shoot first and ask questions later. She may not shoot the cattle rustler who actually stole your cows, but she will shoot “a cattle rustler.” That’s for darn sure. Pow!

Green Mist (Ninja Type)

Her only powers are a superb sense of focus and a mystic knowledge of her inner self, but She’s got throwing stars! That’s way better then a lot of powers out there. Along with a mastery of many martial art forms learned over a lifetime. she is a formidable foe for any villain that sees her coming, but she’s a ninja. (They don't see her coming.)

Cobalt Steel (Technology Type)

This Billionaire playgirl is a third generation military and energy contractor. Her family company, Stuart Inc. was involved in the creation of the heroine Merica, It sponsors the research of Dr. Donna Time and through an industrial accident was responsible for the monster, MOM. She uses her technological know-how, vast resources and her endless need for a thrill to battles threats to the earth, humanity and her corporate interests.

Generic Heroine (Sexy Type)

Born on a white dwarf star five light years away called Allalonia. her parents beamed her to earth at the age of sixteen to save her before her world was impacted by a rogue planet. she was 21 years old by earth standards after traveling to earth in a beam of light. She arrived on the planet wearing only traditional Allalonian clothing. she found out that she could fly, project heat from her eyes, had immense strength and was nearly indestructible. this was discovered after being shot many times by U.S. Army ordinance. (She had landed in a U.S. Army bomb testing site.) Flying away from her landing site, she came across a plane that had lost one of its engines. The plane was going down. She used her newfound powers to help guide the plane to a safe landing. She was finally confronted by humanity. They saw her skimpy outfit, what to them was the letter “G” on her chest and asked for her name. Before she could answer the question, a smart-ass reporter proclaimed her costume to be “Generic”. super heroes already existed on earth, so the press announced her as Generic Heroine. Being new to earth’s way of speaking, she didn’t know any better and did not object. (The name stuck.) She now defends her new world along side other heroines. She hopes to find her place amongst humanity.

Would you guys like to read a comic book with these characters?

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