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I am a Groot Maquette

Guardians of the Galaxy was such a good movie. I'm glad that Marvel gave lesser known characters a shot. I wish they had Stilt Man in the Netflix Daredevil show. Maybe next time. I saw the GOG movie and like everyone else, I fell in love with gardening. (That's a Groot Joke.) I've was working on my sculpture skills and thought Groot would be fun practice at the time. The character has all the texture and vines to play with. I also had this little terracotta planter I wanted to use for something. I saw a very small toy of Groot in a planter and thought "What if he grew out of that really fast?" Above Average Art! That's what happens. Groot is a Marvel character and this is a piece of fan art.

I used Sculpey (Polymer Clay), wire, tinfoil and some model train plant stuff to make Groot. Painted him with acrylic paint and gesso. and later sold him for $250.

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