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Extreme Graphics

From 2005 to around 2006, maybe I worked for Extreme Graphics in Tampa, Fl. There I designed GRAPHICS TO THE EXTREME! Not really, basically the same deal as Wraphics. except they paid me better. I had two installers and only one designer under me here, but we still got the chance to make some cool stuff. Fun fact: This was the first time I ever saw a client get fired. My boss lost it with this guy and told him to get out. It was a beautiful thing to see. I operated large format printers here too. I’m pretty sure they had a 60″ Mimaki 6 color printer and an HP something or other. Best part of working here was using the Gerber Edge thermal Printer and the Envision Plotter. These two machines are sign machines from the 80s, but they still worked and where really fun to use. Very analog in an ever digitizing world.

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