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Cylinders Give Good Chair.

I used to work in a sign shop. Several sign shops, actually. They are constantly throwing away these thick cardboard tubes that are endlessly useful.

At the time I was taking a Furniture class at SCAD with the Above Average professor Casey Lynch. He's a very smart guy who is only 4 years older than I am, so whenever he says something profound It's more like a wise friend talking instead of a teacher. Well, in the class I had to make some furniture. This particular project I had to make with a partner, an interior design student. She was nice, but didn't really contribute much to the design. She abandoned all credit for the chair when it came time to pay for materials. (Convenient) She did help wrap the tubes in foam padding and fake suede. For that I'm thankful. All the cutting, design and fabrication was all me. I feel it's only right to say there were others involved. All and all, we got an "A".

The chair is made out of 14 cardboard rolls, and 2, 8'x4' sheets of oak plywood. (Those were expensive.) The chair needs a bit of ergonomic tweaking, but it was pretty sturdy and comfortable. Sorry that I don't have any process pictures, so I could share the fabrication experience with you. At the time I didn't have a camera or wasn't paying attention to anything but school.

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