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I really like Bamboo. It's a really strong and renewable material. The very best part about it is that it's cheap. In fact most of the time people and businesses will gladly welcome me onto their property to harvest as much of the stuff as I like. I make all sorts of stuff with bamboo. The very first thing I made though were these little tubes with holes cut in them for my pets. Thus BooTubes where born. Now I kind of call everything I make out of bamboo a BooTube, but the original idea that started it all is right here...

The happy little fella on the red BooTube is Boo, my pet gecko. I got him at a discount because he doesn't have a tail. I named my BooTubes Mascot after him. The little lizard in the logo, his name is Boo too.

Please remember the B and the T are capitalized in BooTubes.

Well as I mentioned I make BooTubes and other stuff. Then I sell them at animal related events. Such as the Atlanta, Repticon. (Weirdly located in Lawrenceville, GA.) I also create them on demand, so please feel free to CONTACT ME if you would like any specific Boo creations for your own pets. Because your pet's need more than just a barren aquarium with wood chips and a plastic bowl. They need some nature and they need some style. Just Boo it! Your pet will love you for it. Mine does, just look at those big eyes. He's overjoyed.

This was my set up at ReptiCon, November 2015.
Bootubes are all natural, except for the plastic decorative rope that is made from recycled grocery bags. (That can be replaced or left out upon request.) Bamboo last longest in dry areas, but can develop problems and biodegrade over time. Try to keep the Bootubes clean and don't place them in any constantly moist places.

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