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Iron Man - Stencil

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

I got this Above Average advice about drawing armored characters from an Above Average Artist, Eric Canete. (@EricCanete) We spoke after a riveting talk he gave while I was at SCAD. He said something close to the following, but with more earthy wisdom.

"Don't try and draw the armor on the character. Just draw a naked guy. then add in the buckles, rocket boots, shoulder pads and the rest of the armory bits." - Eric Canete (sorta said this, kinda.)

I'm sure I just butchered what he told me, but the gist has stayed with me.

Who doesn't love Iron Man? Lots of people. He's rich and there are those who don't like rich people. He's also a smart ass, womanizing and alcoholic braggart. (I just took you back in time.) All are good reasons to dislike the guy. I like him. He's boring as hell to read in a comic, but in cartoons (Earths Mightiest Heroes: Netflix) or in the Marvel movies (Downey Jr. FOREVER!) he's a pretty swell guy in my view. He does exactly what I'd be doing if I was grotesquely rich. He compulsively makes !@#$ and improves upon existing !@#$. Oh, to have endless resources, the things I would make. SIGH... Is, but a dream. Hey look! I painted something. It seems to be an image of Iron Man. That wise cracking doer of daring deeds and financial backer of the Avengers. HAZA!

Did you see the last slide? This thing Glows in the DARK! How baller is that? It's pretty damn baller is what it is. This painting came from the Iron Man stencil I made that is shown above. I first created the stencil in Adobe Illustrator. Then transferred the design onto a canvas. Lastly I painted the heck out of that canvas using acrylic and a variety of spray paints. I do not condone the illegal use of my stencil. Nope, not me.

Graphitti is a blight on the community and can be considered destruction of property. Don't do it kids. Don't be like this loser in the night. Be an upstanding citizen. Also don't be one of those guys that goes around painting gray squares over graphitti. I'll take a Tag over a grey square any day. Paint the entire wall or don't paint anything.

Well I hope you download my Iron Man stencil and have a gosh golly good time with it. Decorate a shirt, a closet door or maybe your parents brand new Porsche. Make sure to first ask your parents permission. Ask for help and all that legal jazz. Please share what you make with the stencil on the Above Average Facebook Page, the Twitter and Instagram. I sure do like getting tagged. YES, I sure do. If you have any Iron Man Stencil questions or things to say, then I plum reckon you should let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and Why Be Average?

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