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I am Groot Stencil

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Groot is one of the funnest characters to draw. You can't get him wrong. (Him? She? It?) Pretty much as long as it's a tree with eyes and a mouth, you can call it Groot. Add a word bubble that says "I am Groot." and you are also a great writer.) I haven't painted in a while. I have been cleaning out my garage and I have a crap ton (I think that's a metric unit.) of canvases. I'm a dumpster diver and about 2 years back I found a bunch of canvases being thrown away at SCAD. They always had good stuff in their dumpster and it was next to the wood shop, so I could easily check it every day. These canvases had a bunch of still lives and life model portraits on them. BLAH, Boring! So I white washed them and have had them in my garage ever since. I've also been making stencils of stuff, so I figured I'd use the stencils on the canvas and take it a bit farther with some paint. Groot is not my character. He is owned by Marvel Comics, and their parent company, Disney. I have no claim on him, so if you would like to use my stencil in some non profitable way (Disney may sue you if your making money!) please click on the image of the stencil to download a .PDF of the stencil. All I ask is that if you use it to make or decorate something, please credit me for the stencil part. Also if you take pictures, please post them on the Above Average Facebook Page. I'm also on Twitter and Instagram. As of today, I've only been tagged in like 3 photos from other people. It's kind of depressing. If you could do those things, then please have fun with the stencil. I created my stencil in Adobe Illustrator and then printed it out. I did't feel like cutting my stencil out. When stencils are small the are kind of a pain in the ass, so I traced it with transfer paper onto a canvas. I spray painted the canvas brown first. Then I filled in the outlines. After that I went all expressionistic on this canvas. Short brush strokes and a lot of globs of acrylic paint. (I'd love to do this with oils. I've never used oil paints.) I really wanted a texture on this, so I got some brown puff paint at the end and outlined the blacks. That stuff pulls well. Just drag it to get a nice pointy line. Then I clear coated the heck out of it and I was done. The image above has a little Photoshop on it to make Groot pop a bit the images below are all natural. Just paint, canvas and bad lighting.

I enjoyed making this Groot as I do with all my Groots. I hope you download my stencil and have some fun of your own. Again, please share on social media and tag me. (Links are all over this page.) Please ask all your Groot Stencil questions and make your Groot Stencil statements in the comment's below. I may respond with something other than "I am Groot". Maybe? Thanks for looking and reading.

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