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Styrofoam Block

Styrofoam Block


This is a styrofoam block to be used as the basis to create a sculpture for you. You choose what you would like me to make with the block and I will make it, in my own style. This is a custom sculpture with limited specifications. The finished sculpture will be a work of art suitable for indoor presentation

Be specific as to what you want and and details that you want included. The Above Average Artist will contact you with any questions about your request.

Please allow up to a month from ordering for delivery to start. I will contact you with any delays in Fabrication. 

SKU: Service 0001
  • Disclaimer

    Art is subjective. The Above Average Artist will do his best to create a sculpture you will love and treasure, but it will be made in his artistic style using the materials and methods he thinks necessary. He will do his best to honor special requests, but final design and fabrication are entirely up to the artist.

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