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Join a Corp. - Tear Poster

Tear Posters are part art and part advertisement. At least mine are. They are meant as semi-destructible works of street or public art that offer multiple viewers the chance to take part of the art with them.

That said this one is about the Green Lantern Corp. from DC comics. An intergalactic police force that uses magic rings that allow the ring bearer to create any construct of green light that they can will into being.

In the comic books there are several Green Lanterns, several thousand actually. I chose John Stewart of space sector 2814 (The sector Earth is in.) I did this mostly because he's black. As a white person I tend to draw white characters a lot. Earth has four Green Lanterns and one of them is black, so I drew that one. He's a great, well written character. He's also an engineer so his constructs are supposed to be very technical. That makes for fun drawings.

I made his constructs tools and hardware because of his day job as an engineer. I made the drill look like my #Ridgid 18 volt cordless drill. (@ridgidpowertools) I love my drill plus I'm a very brand loyal person.

The tearable parts are Green Lantern Rings. All one needs to do is rip off a ring. find a bit of tape and then have the will and imagination to make it work. You can do it.

This poster is of the Sinestro Corp. Basically it's the exact same thing as the Green lantern Corp., but they are powered by the ability to instill fear and not will. Also they are yellow and not green, although red would technically be the compliment to green. Yellow is analogous to green. (Color Schemes!) There is actually a bunch of other Lantern Corps. of different colors. This is what happens when comic book writers run out of ideas after fifty plus years of a comic book story line's existence, the visual light spectrum. I bet this was thought of during an outing to buy Christmas lights. (I could be wrong.) I was going to do one of these for each of the colors, but I got bored and then distracted by better ideas. The over arching theme was that they would all read "Join The Corp." The character here is Sinestro who is one of my favorite comic book characters to draw. He's a classic enemy of the Green Lanterns (Also a former member.) and the leader of the Sinestro Corp. He is a bit full of himself. You gotta love the giant forehead though, I do. I made his yellow constructs spooky ghosts and an old timey cartoon glove wielding an axe. If that doesn't instill fear then I just don't know what will.

The tearable part are Sinestro Corp. Rings. All one needs to do is rip off a ring. find a bit of tape and then think of scary things to do to people. If you see someone take one you may want to stay away from that person. I created both of these Tear Posters by sketching out the characters and then inking and coloring them in Adobe Illustrator. They are entirely Vector Art. That's my favorite kind of art. I hope you enjoy them.

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