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Amanda Conner has my Bracelet

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

A while ago I went to New York. ("Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There's nothing you can't do" - Alicia Keys) While there I was lucky enough to attend the Colbert Report. I had to wait outside for a long time, but I got into the show. While there I was also lucky enough to pick up a Wrist Strong Bracelet from Stephen and get to shake his hand. (I love meeting people I admire.)

Wrist Strong Bracelets were a thing, when Stephen Colbert (He host the Late Show now.) slipped and broke his wrist before a taping of his show. The bracelets had a rule that went along with them. Only the rich and famous were supposed to have them. I was supposed to willingly give it up to anyone more famous or richer than myself. Anyone who knows me, knows I follow the rules all the time. (HAHAHAHAHAHA!) Well I wore mine proudly and later that year attended MegaCon as an artist as I did most every year. While there I wanted to meet one of my mostest favoritest artist and definitely my favorite female artist, Amanda Conner. She is the artist behind great comics books like The Pro, she has worked on Power Girl and a lot of other great books. She has an Above Average raunchy and fun art style that I just love. Plus I'd met her once before and I wanted to say hello.

I brought her a copy of my art book, Super Sexy Sketchbook. A book of smut and boobs. (You know? The things that matter.) I was selling it at the show and wanted her opinion on it.

"This is a Booby lovers paradise." - Amanda Conner.

Coming from her it meant a lot. While she was praising my book or more likely, just being polite she noticed I had my Wrist Strong bracelet on.

"Is that a Wrist Strong bracelet?" she asked. "why, yes it is." I answered. "OOOOH, Can I have it?" she asked. I looked down at my prized bracelet then back up to her and said " Crap, you are more famous than I am. I have to give it to you." "YEA!.. You do!" she exclaimed.

I forfeited the bracelet to my more famous superior. She was happy to get it.

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