Some Old Sketches From 2014

I was rummaging, because I rummage. I came across some sketches from 2014. These are 5×7 sketch cards I take to comic book conventions, to draw whatever Above Average Art people may want from me.  Continue reading “Some Old Sketches From 2014”

Moon Shine with Aysle

Moon Shine-686x1024Above Average Sexy Lady is the audacious Aysle. (Not her real name.) She was such a delight to work with. She was a young college girl at the time. I think she’s a teacher at a University now. (Shall remain nameless.) We shot together twice and this shot is from the first one.
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Love Kills Slowly

Above-Average-Love-Kills-SlowlyThis is originally an Ed Hardy Design. I just thought I did this well recreating it as a vector graphic. This was for a sign shop i worked for in South Carolina. Just a stones throw from Gafney. (Frank Underwood’s district on house of cards.) I made it as a decal along with some vines and stuff for a golf cart. I never got a picture of that golf cart, but I was told it looks great.

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Harassing Neil deGrasse Tyson

2014-08-15 07.49.02-3
This is not a fake or doctored image.

There was a time when I met a wise man and this post is proof of that. Actually I also have a letter. (You can see if  farther down.)

My relationship with Neal started off with a simple Question and a small request based off the answer to that question. I sent this: Continue reading “Harassing Neil deGrasse Tyson”

LEGO – Dalí

Lego-DaliSalvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marqués de Dalí de Pubol Also known as Salvador Dalí. He is one of my favorite Above Average Artist forefathers. The preeminent surrealist painter of all time, I say.
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Face vs. Face

Face-to-Face-Hulk-vs-Wolverine-Above-AverageBelow are a group of old ink and marker Illustrations I created back in the day. I tried to mix it up. I got some Marvel, a little Dark Horse and a bit of DC. Although Disney owns everything or will soon. (These are not my characters. Please don’t sue me.) They were actually drawn on sketch cards and scanned in at a larger resolution. Continue reading “Face vs. Face”