Supergirl deserves her own logo.

New Supergirl LogoCBS-SupergirlTo be clear and for anyone that doesn’t know, Supergirl is a DC Comic character. Currently I have No affiliation with that company. (I’d like to, but they won’t return my calls.) She was created by writer, Otto Binder and designed by artist, Al Plastino way back in 1959. Supergirl got her own television show on CBS a while back and it’s pretty good. Not good enough for CBS though cause it’s on the CW now. CBS dropped it. (A bit confusing.) I just watch it on Netflix. Continue reading “Supergirl deserves her own logo.”

Stan Lee’s large Head

Stan-Lee-HeadStan Lee (@TheRealStanLee),
no matter what you think of this great man.

Some people have issues, HA!
Get it. . ?
Comic book issues. . ? Nevermind.

He has undoubtedly touched your life and the lives of most everyone you know in some way. He is an icon and I think he may be a vampire or some other life sucking entity. (He’s a real living mutant and his super power is longevity). I saw him in person at a convention a while back. (Read the story.) Perhaps he drains a small amount of life force from each person he takes a picture with. It’s just a theory, but it would explain so much.

Well anyway I made this bust of Stan Lee. It’s my very first mostly foam sculpture. It was also the first art piece I finished in 2016. I have a small stockpile of styrofoam blocks I’ve collected and I needed/need to sculpt things out of them. I was thinking of what to make and then I watched Disney’s Big Hero 6. It was a pretty good movie, but I loved the Stan lee cameo as the janitor’s father. (Stylized representations of real people are so fun.) That’s where I got my inspiration for this and this image is pretty much the only reference I used in making it.Stan-Lee-Head-020 Continue reading “Stan Lee’s large Head”

It’s a TRAP! – Statue

Admiral-Ackbar-Statue-012For those of you who are not massive Star Wars fans like I am, This is Admiral Gial Ackbar of the Rebel Alliance. He is from a watery world called Dac which is inhabited mostly by two races. They are called the Quarrenese and the Mon Calamari. The later is the race the admiral belongs to. (Although the Quarrenese look more like squids.) I’m sure that Disney will soon make a spin off movie all about him. I would definitely  go see it. Continue reading “It’s a TRAP! – Statue”


BooTubes-2014THEME-HEADER-IMAGE-001I really like Bamboo. It’s a really strong and renewable material. The very best part about it is that it’s cheap. In fact most of the time people and businesses will gladly welcome me onto their property to harvest as much of the stuff as I like.

I make all sorts of stuff with bamboo. The very first thing I made though were these little tubes with holes cut in them for my pets. Thus BooTubes where born. Now I kind of call everything I make out of bamboo a BooTube, but the original idea that started it all is right here…

Boo-on-BooTubesThe happy little fella on the red BooTube is Boo, my pet gecko. I got him at a discount because he doesn’t have a tail. I named my BooTubes Mascot after him. The little lizard in the logo, his name is Boo too. Continue reading “BooTubes”

TMNT Maquettes

This mean green fighting team was made especially for Jason Mathis, the owner of The Battle Grounds, a really big Gaming/Comic/Toy store in Dalton, GA. He found me at Heroes Con and asked for a set of Maquettes (small statues) of his beloved Turtles. I was up for the challenge. Honestly I think they are the best work of art I have ever created up until this point in my life. (I hope to outdo myself soon.)

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Jason was cool enough to give me free range to make them however I wanted to. I didn’t want the cookie cutter turtles from the 80’s and as much as I love them, I didn’t want to just reproduce the turtles from the Nickelodeon cartoon I wanted turtles that were my turtles. (I just want a pet turtle.) Plus I also had to decide how I would make them. Continue reading “TMNT Maquettes”

Custom Shields

VikingAre you being plagued by Vikings? Have the hordes of the north descended on you and your family? Have they begun to loot, pillage and dare I say plunder your woman or hard won goods. I bet you wish there was something you could do. You are asking yourself “Is  there some way I can defend my stuff and loved ones from this bearded menace from Norway.Cobra-Commander

There is, You should get a shield! not some namby-pamby plastic shield or some light weight aluminum movie knock off, but a genuine wooden shield made from real wood. It’s great for warding off sword and axe attacks. They also come in handy shading ones self from volleys of arrows raining down from the sky. If you live a more passive life then they are also excellent for
(Live Action Role Play) and Cosplay
Dressing up when it isn’t Halloween.). Continue reading “Custom Shields”