My Time at – Wraphics Inc.

“What the hell is a Wraphic?” is what I heard all the time at my first good job out of college. I worked there from 2004ish – 2006ish, I think. It was my first opportunity to be creative for a practical purpose and get paid for doing it.Wraphics is the genius combination of vehicle Wrap and Graphics. I had nothing to do with the naming of this company, but I was their first graphic artist. Then soon after I was their art director.

We created original artwork for vehicle graphics and full vehicle wraps. We also did signs from time to time, but mostly vehicle stuff.

While there I oversaw a design team of three, including myself. We created graphics, logos, illustrations and layouts for a wide variety of clients. I also ran the large format printer and laminator. A must for all wrap joints to have. I stayed busy. The best part of working there was the wide variety of clientele and fulfilling their graphical needs.

Author: The Above Average Artist

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