Iron Man – Stencil

Iron-Man-Stencil-010I got this Above Average advice about drawing armored characters from an Above Average Artist, Eric Canete. (@EricCanete) We spoke after a riveting talk he gave while I was at SCAD. He said something close to the following, but with more earthy wisdom.

“Don’t try and draw the armor on the character. Just draw a naked guy. then add in the buckles, rocket boots, shoulder pads and the rest of the armory bits.”¬†– Eric Canete
(sorta said this, kinda.)

I’m sure I just butchered what he told me, but the gist has stayed with me. Continue reading “Iron Man – Stencil”

I AM GROOT – Stencil

I-am-Groot-Stencil-Painting-000Groot is one of the funnest characters to draw. You can’t get him wrong. (Him? She? It?) Pretty much as long as it’s a tree with eyes and a mouth, you can call it Groot. Add a word bubble that says “I am Groot.” and you are also a great writer. Continue reading “I AM GROOT – Stencil”