Tear Poster – Rebel Scum Remover

Tear Posters are part art and part advertisement. At least mine are. They are meant as semi-destructible works of street or public art that offer multiple viewers the chance to take part of the art with them.

I got the idea for this from a comic book cover. (I wish I could remember the title.) The cover integrated the main character and a popular brand of laundry detergent. It was a beautiful mix of storytelling and consumer advertising.

If you ever saw Star Wars, Episode  VI, Return of The Jedi then you know this is inspired by a Quote from an imperial officer after he catches Han Solo.

I tried to add as many little Star Wars references as possible to this poster. The serial number on the front is the date Star Wars was first released 5/25/1977. I even mention those awful Midi-Chlorians

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Tear Poster – Green Lantern & Sinestro Corp.

Tear Posters are part art and part advertisement. At least mine are. They are meant as semi-destructible works of street or public art that offer multiple viewers the chance to take part of the art with them.

That said this one is about the Green Lantern Corp. from DC comics. An intergalactic police force that uses magic rings that allow the ring bearer to create any construct of green light that they can will into being.

In the comic books there are several Green Lanterns, several thousand actually. I chose John Stewart of space sector 2814 (The sector Earth is in.) I did this mostly because he’s black. As a white person I tend to draw white characters a lot. Earth has four Green Lanterns and one of them is black, so I drew that one. He’s a great, well written character. He’s also an engineer so his constructs are supposed to be very technical. That makes for fun drawings.

I made his constructs tools and hardware because of the is day job is an engineer. I made the drill look like my #Ridgid 18 volt cordless drill. (@ridgidpowertools) I love my drill plus I’m a very brand loyal person.  Continue reading “Tear Poster – Green Lantern & Sinestro Corp.”

Supergirl deserves her own logo.

New Supergirl LogoCBS-SupergirlTo be clear and for anyone that doesn’t know, Supergirl is a DC Comic character. Currently I have No affiliation with that company. (I’d like to, but they won’t return my calls.) She was created by writer, Otto Binder and designed by artist, Al Plastino way back in 1959. Supergirl got her own television show on CBS a while back and it’s pretty good. Not good enough for CBS though cause it’s on the CW now. CBS dropped it. (A bit confusing.) I just watch it on Netflix. Continue reading “Supergirl deserves her own logo.”

Dallas Comic Con & Stan Lee, AGAIN!

Above-Average-Cons-Dallas-Comic-Con-with-stan-leeI’m so behind in everything. I’m making new artwork, printing artwork for Heroes Con and trying to keep you all updated on what I’m doing. Sorry that I suck at it. I wish this was my full time job, but these darn bills require me to work for money. It sucks! (Heroes Con is in two days by the way.)

Anyway, two weekends ago I attended the Dallas Comic Con! Boy, oh boy it was fun. The best part was I got to see my two very best friends in the whole wide world, Dan and the better Dan. You guess which Dan is the better one.I’ve known them both since we were teenagers.
Dan P. (The one on the left.) is shown here prominently displaying his crotch to the world. (He’s so proud.) I’ve known him since middle school. Dan L. (The one on the right.) looks crazy while I look as if I’m dreaming of Kate Upton. I’ve known him since high school. I’m not related to either of them, but they are like my brothers and this convention was a happy excuse for us to get together for the first time in roughly five years. I wish I took more pictures of us. Continue reading “Dallas Comic Con & Stan Lee, AGAIN!”

Iron Man – Stencil

Iron-Man-Stencil-010I got this Above Average advice about drawing armored characters from an Above Average ArtistEric Canete. (@EricCanete) We spoke after a riveting talk he gave while I was at SCAD. He said something close to the following, but with more earthy wisdom.

“Don’t try and draw the armor on the character. Just draw a naked guy. then add in the buckles, rocket boots, shoulder pads and the rest of the armory bits.” – Eric Canete
(sorta said this, kinda.)

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