A Tired Table

above-average-tire-tableIt angers me to no end that I have lost all the process images of this Tired Table. (Get it?) This is the only picture I have left. I actually sold this thing to a nice Lawyer in Michigan, so It’s lost to me forever.

I made this while I was a student at SCAD in A furniture Class.  It’s made out of wood, laminate, Ikea table legs and a steel belted Uniroyal Tire.

Making this thing really stunk. Literally! I had to cut the hole for the drawer with an angle grinder in back of the High Museum of Art. (That’s were the Sculpture Department at SCAD is.) So if you were enjoying art that day and smelled a lot melting rubber smoke, then that was me. I also lost a lot of arm hairs ripping off the bits of melted rubber off my arms. If you can’t suffer for your art, then you aren’t an artist. I’m The Above Average Artist, so I guess I suffer more? (I cut my hands a lot.) Continue reading “A Tired Table”

Roller Coaster Chair & Foot Stool

You ever build a chair & Foot stool with a CNC router? I did. I made this a while back for a Class at SCAD and I figured I’d throw it up here. above-average-slat-chair-1 Continue reading “Roller Coaster Chair & Foot Stool”