Supergirl deserves her own logo.

New Supergirl LogoCBS-SupergirlTo be clear and for anyone that doesn’t know, Supergirl is a DC Comic character. Currently I have No affiliation with that company. (I’d like to, but they won’t return my calls.) She was created by writer, Otto Binder and designed by artist, Al Plastino way back in 1959. Supergirl got her own television show on CBS a while back and it’s pretty good. Not good enough for CBS though cause it’s on the CW now. CBS dropped it. (A bit confusing.) I just watch it on Netflix. Continue reading “Supergirl deserves her own logo.”

Amanda Conner Gives A Good Hug.

Above-Average-MegaCon-036I little bit back I shared this story of how I met Amanda Conner and how she had my Stephen Colbert, Wrist Strong Bracelet. At MegaCon 2015 I got the opportunity to see her again. She was so nice and actually remembered me. I guess I am as memorable as I think I am. This post is about what we talked about and how Above Average, Amanda really is. (Last MegaCon 2015 story.)
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Amanda Conner, Has My BRACELET!

imgresA while ago I went to New York. (“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There’s nothing you can’t do” – Alicia Keys) While there I was lucky enough to attend the Colbert Report. I had to wait outside for a long time, but I got into the show. While there I was also lucky enough to pick up a Wrist Strong Bracelet from Stephen and get to shake his hand.
(I love meeting people I admire.)
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