Solid Snake Mounted

Above-Average-Snake-Head-011I got him. The last Metal Gear (#metalgear) game I played was Snake Eater, but I still managed to bag and tag the legendary Solid Snake. It’s the old man Snake from Guns of the Patriots, but still. SOLID SNAKE!
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Giant Squid Attack

Giant squids (Architeuthis) ▲ Have no bones, but do have a hard beak they use to eat propellers.

Deep beneath the Bering Sea during the summer of 1969 an epic battle between machine and mollusk ensued. A Soviet Nuclear Attack Sub was itself, attacked by a massive squid and was nearly dragged into the depths. There have been decades of silence and countless attempts to cover up the incident. Through diligent investigation and great risk to himself, Arthur Ball, The Above Average Artist was able to make up this story for no good reason. Continue reading Giant Squid Attack

Will & Bill (Communicate) #1

Will & Bill have been gone for a while. I gave them there own website a while back and they ran it into the ground. It proved to be too much of a hassle for them to maintain their site. Plus they both really exhausting themselves trying to promote it. (They are lazy, especially Will.) Now my boys back home and they’ll be a lot easier to manage. Maybe they can help me out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I need content to keep you people coming back here. Continue reading Will & Bill (Communicate) #1

What is P.A.N.D.A.3

PANDA3-Circle-LogoIn upcoming posts here on my BLOG or in my Above Average Art you will see some negative comments or images pertaining to the animal known commonly as Giant Pandas. (Pteewy = Spit sound FX) I do this because I do not like pandas. I am of a minority of people who are able to look past the cuteness and fluff to see pandas for the useless banes on society that they are. Not the cool comic book Bane, but the odd sounding annoying Bane from that awful Christopher Nolan movies that everyone imitates. What’s wrong with pandas you ask? I can sum it all up with a very easy to remember Acronym and  one mathematical symbol. P.A.N.D.A.³  Continue reading What is P.A.N.D.A.3

I AM GROOT – Stencil

I-am-Groot-Stencil-Painting-000Groot is one of the funnest characters to draw. You can’t get him wrong. (Him? She? It?) Pretty much as long as it’s a tree with eyes and a mouth, you can call it Groot. Add a word bubble that says “I am Groot.” and it will call itself Groot, too. Continue reading I AM GROOT – Stencil

Tiki Galactus

Above-Average-Art-Tiki-Galactus-001Behold! The devour-er of worlds has come bearing our doom. Waste no time hiding, waste no time running and to fight against him would be futile. Tiki Galactus comes with the great Power Cosmic and no human weapon or force can possibly stand against his wooden mite. (That last part sounds a bit dirty.) Continue reading Tiki Galactus