Stan Lee is… Asleep?

Above-Average-MegaCon-034Saturday at MegaCon 2015  my gorgeous girlfriend was nice enough to buy me a ticket to get my picture taken with Stan “The Man” Lee. I was really hoping to just run into him at Red Robbins, but that just didn’t seem to be happening.

Well I kind of read into this opportunity as a chance to actually meet and greet Stan, so I started freaking out about giving him something. The man is partially responsible (I love you Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.) for my childhood, most of the things that have entertained and inspired me for my entire life. I felt obligated to give the man something. I couldn’t just give him some print. Stan deserves original art, so I drew this, that morning.

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MegaCon 2015 – The Story

Above-Average-Mega-Convention-LogoThis year MegaCon 2015 was the bomb. It has been less bomb like in the past, but I loved this one. My girlfriend and I drove down to Orlando, Florida Thursday afternoon. After about 7 hours and one speeding ticket. We got there about 1:00 am Above-Average-MegaCon-001Friday morning. I had some rewards points so I was able to stay at a pretty nice hotel. We checked in, slept and then did what I do whenever I leave Atlanta, GA. We ate at Denny’s. (The greatest restaurant ever.) If you don’t like Denny’s then MOVE BACK TO RUSSIA!

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MegaCon Travel Update

Above-Average-Mega-Convention-LogoI’m heading down to Florida tomorrow for Megacon. I am not as prepared as I’d like to be, but I never am. I’ll be at table PURPLE 9 in Artist Alley. The con is at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL which is a very big and hard to miss building. I hope to see you there. Continue reading MegaCon Travel Update

Beach Flower Blooming

Above-Average-Sexy-Lady_Beach-Flower-Blooming-Have you ever had a Playboy Bunny contact you and ask you to draw her like one of those french girls? Neither have I, but I did get contacted by Miss August 2008, Kayla Collins. (@KaylaCollins)

I was on a model and photographer website called Model Mayhem. A great site. I’ve met a lot of models on there. I was usually the one who reached out to the model that I wanted to work with, but not this time. I opened up my inbox and a message from this beautiful blond popped up. I wish I still had the original message, but it basically was this.

Hey there,
I love your art and you are so hansom. I would be so grateful if you made a picture of me. Your Above Average Art is sooooo good. It turns me on.
—– XOXOXO Kayla Collins

So she didn’t call me hansom and never mentioned my art turning her on, but I assume she felt these things. Why wouldn’t she feel that way?

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Tommy Toe Hold – With Hands & feet

TTTHS-Tear-Poster-01There is this Youtube cartoon called The Tommy Toe Hold Show (TTTHS). It’s all about mixed martial arts (MMA), but mostly it focuses on the
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). (A lot of initials.) It also has the worst animation ever devised by man. You should check it out after reading this. You’ll get a laugh. →TTTHS

The format is Tommy (The bald bearded guy.) standing to the side as he talks to cut outs of famous MMA guy’s heads about their fights and stuff. All the celebrity voices are impersonated (Poorly), but damn it is funny.  Mostly there is no movement. The only animation is the mouth opening and closing. What makes it funny is the attitude and what they say.

My dick friend Paul, asked me “why?”

I assume he meant why am I so much more interesting and cool than he is, but he may have meant why did I make this poster.

To answer the assumed question, I am Above Average. So as part of that I’m just naturally awesome and cool. I can’t help it. Paul, be happy because you are my friend and that makes you Above Average by proxy. Even if you were not my good friend you would be mildly interesting on your own.
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Join the Corp. – Yellow Lantern

Sinestro-Corp-Tear-Poster-01I’ve been trying to think of unique prints I could sell at comic book conventions. I got the idea for a tear posters from a T-shirt featuring a Tear poster Illustration of Cthulhu with the tentacles as the tear off parts. I made my own version of this Illustration, but I’ll post that later.

If you think getting a unique idea by ripping off something else is counter intuitive. then I’m right there with you. One thing I learned at art school is originality doesn’t really exist. Pretty much everything has been done already and every thought has been thought. Everything we come up with now is just a mix up of things already created or an add on. You can argue with me in the comments below if you like, but you will lose.

To the poster at hand. This is a poster for the Sinestro Corp. A group of interstellar characters led by the big headed pink guy Sinestro. They all wear yellow rings and are powered by fear. They create hard light constructs from thought with these rings.

Sinestro Corp. and Sinestro are both properties of DC Comics and their parent company, Warner Bros. Please don’t sue me. I’m poor.
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