!@#$ SHOES!

I haven’t posted anything in a while. I need to fix that. I’ve been working on a lot and I get distracted by things. Like this Kickstarter.
FYF-logoI hate wearing shoes. When I get home, the first thing I do is kick off my shoes and bask in the unconfined freedom of my bare-feet on my wood floors. Then my Fiancé asks me to take out the trash. I don’t want to put my restrictive shoes on again. I decide to make the trek Barefoot. I am close to successfully throwing away the trash when DISASTER STRIKES! I step on a pinecomb.pinecolmb THE PAIN shoots through the torn flesh of my foot. THE PAIN causes me to loose my balance and fall. My driveway is on a hill, so when I hit the ground I tumble. The trash I was carrying being strewn about as I roll down the incline. My body comes to a rest on the level street at the base of my driveway. I am bruised, confused and THE PAIN is disorientating. As I begin to recover from the stumble. BAM, I’m run over by my elderly neighbor’s truck as he returns home from a fishing trip. THE PAIN is over because I’m dead. The evil pinecomb has claimed yet another victim. Continue reading !@#$ SHOES!

Dallas Comic Con & Stan Lee, AGAIN!

Above-Average-Cons-Dallas-Comic-Con-with-stan-leeI’m so behind in everything. I’m making new artwork, printing artwork for Heroes Con and trying to keep you all updated on what I’m doing. Sorry that I suck at it. I wish this was my full time job, but these darn bills require me to work for money. It sucks! (Heroes Con is in two days by the way.)

Anyway, two weekends ago I attended the Dallas Comic Con! Boy, oh boy it was fun. The best part was I got to see my two very best friends in the whole wide world, Dan and Dan. I’ve known them both since we were teenagers.
Dan P. (The one on the left.) is shown here prominently displaying his crotch to the world. (He’s so proud.) I’ve known him since middle school. Dan L. (The one on the right.) looks crazy while I look as if I’m dreaming of Kate Upton. I’ve known him since high school. I’m not related to either of them, but they are like my brothers and this convention was a happy excuse for us to get together for the first time in roughly five years. I wish I took more pictures of us. Continue reading Dallas Comic Con & Stan Lee, AGAIN!

Iron Man – Stencil

Iron-Man-Stencil-010I got this Above Average advice about drawing armored characters from an Above Average ArtistEric Canete. (@EricCanete) We spoke after a riveting talk he gave while I was at SCAD. He said something close to the following, but with more earthly wisdom.

“Don’t try and draw the armor on the character. Just draw a naked guy. then add in the buckles, rocket boots, shoulder pads and the rest of the armory bits.” – Eric Canete (sorta said this, kinda.)

I’m sure I just butchered what he told me, but the gist of it has stayed with me. Continue reading Iron Man – Stencil

Dallas Comic Con – 2015

Above-Average-Dallas-Comic-Convention-LogoHOWDY Y’ALL!

This weekend, May 29th through the 30th,  I’ll be attending the
Dallas Comic Con, aptly located  at the:

650 South Griffin Street
Dallas, TX 75202

Call if you get lost: 214.939.2750
Now I recon if you are able, you and your kin folk should mosey on over to table A70 in Artist Alley. I’ll be the tall city slicker talking like George W. Bush. If ole “W” is in the area, he’s welcome to stop on by. We’ll see who talks like him more.
I hope to see you there and I hope I get to draw something for you. I really do.
If you’d like to request something, wish me luck or challenge me to a quick draw at high noon, well partner, you’d better do it in the comments below.

Mershark Attack

Mer-Shark-AttackBack in my youth. (I’m old now.) I had this idea for doing a mermaid image, but I thought that maybe there were different kinds of mermaids. There are different kinds of fish, so why not? I sought out Buxom Beautiful Bikini Babes to help me make my art come true. Also because, WHY NOT?  Continue reading Mershark Attack

Solid Snake Mounted

Above-Average-Snake-Head-011I got him. The last Metal Gear (#metalgear) game I played was Snake Eater, but I still managed to bag and tag the legendary Solid Snake. It’s the old man Snake from Guns of the Patriots, but still. SOLID SNAKE!
Continue reading Solid Snake Mounted