BooTubes-2014THEME-HEADER-IMAGE-001I really like Bamboo. It’s a really strong and renewable material. The very best part about it is that it’s cheap. In fact most of the time people and businesses will gladly welcome me onto their property to harvest as much of the stuff as I like.

I make all sorts of stuff with bamboo. The very first thing I made though were these little tubes with holes cut in them for my pets. Thus BooTubes where born. Now I kind of call everything I make out of bamboo a BooTube, but the original is idea that started it all is right here…
Boo-on-BooTubesThe happy little fella on the red BooTube is Boo, my pet gecko. I got him at a discount because he doesn’t have a tail. I named my BooTubes Mascot after him. The little lizard in the logo, his name is Boo too. Continue reading BooTubes


I go to a lot of conventions, festivals and fairs. They are all super fun, but the thing I love the most is drawing on demand for people. They ask me to draw things and characters that I’d never take time to draw myself. Depending on what I bring with me I use color pencils, markers, watercolors or sometimes paint. What makes or breaks these events for me is how much drawing I get to do. I do charge for them, so it also affects my ability to eat dinner after the show.

The Fantastic 4 – Color pencils

Sketch Cards
Starting Price $25 (includes S&H)
These are small sketches the size of a baseball card. The paper may vary, but it will always be some kind of heavy card stock. They are shipped to you in a protective plastic sleeve. 

The starting price is for a single character. The price may go up depending on what you want. Poses, multiple characters and any special instructions may change the price.


Sketches (Hand Drawn Art)
Starting Price $35 (includes S&H)
These are sketches start at 5″x7″ and can be any larger size of available paper. It may vary, but it will always be some kind of card stock. They are shipped to you flat or rolled depending on the size. The standard 5″x7″ size will get a protective plastic sleeve.

Free sketch I did for a nice kid.

The starting price is for a single character. The price may go up depending on what you want. Poses, multiple characters and any special instructions may change the price.

All my sketches include my coloring of the sketch in whatever way I choose. Specific requests may affect the cost, but I’m flexible. The more freedom you give me to draw whatever it is how I would like to draw it, the more likely the price wont go up. Plus if you ask me to draw something Above Average and it’s fun for me, I mite give you a deal. Contact me with any requests.

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You can also find sketches I just do for fun at the Above Average Art Store.
You are sure to find a deal there on sketches and other Above Average stuff.

TMNT Maquettes

This mean green fighting team was made especially for Jason Mathis, the owner of The Battle Grounds, a really big Gaming/Comic/Toy store in Dalton, GA. He found me at Heroes Con and asked for a set of Maquettes (small statues) of his beloved Turtles. I was up for the challenge. Honestly I think they are the best work of art I have ever created up until this point in my life.
(I hope to outdo myself soon.)

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Jason was cool enough to give me free range to make them however I wanted to. I didn’t want the cookie cutter turtles from the 80’s and as much as I love them, I didn’t want to just reproduce the turtles from the Nickelodeon cartoon I wanted turtles that were my turtles. (I just want a pet turtle.) Plus I also had to decide how I would make them. Continue reading TMNT Maquettes

Custom Shields

VikingAre you being plagued by Vikings? Have the hordes of the north descended on you and your family? Have they begun to loot, pillage and dare I say plunder your woman and hard won goods. I bet you wish there was something you could do. You are asking yourself if there is some way you can defend your stuff and loved ones from this
bearded menace from Norway.Cobra-Commander

There is, You should get a shield! not some namby-pamby plastic shield or some light weight aluminum movie knock off, but a genuine wooden shield made from real wood. It’s great for warding sword and axe attacks. They also come in handy shading ones self from volleys of arrows raining down from the sky. They are also excellent for (Live Action Role Play) and Cosplay (Dressing up when it isn’t Halloween.) If you live a more passive life. Continue reading Custom Shields

!@#$ SHOES!

I haven’t posted anything in a while. I need to fix that. I’ve been working on a lot and I get distracted by things. Like this Kickstarter.
FYF-logoI hate wearing shoes. When I get home, the first thing I do is kick off my shoes and bask in the unconfined freedom of my bare-feet on my wood floors. Then my Fiancé asks me to take out the trash. I don’t want to put my restrictive shoes on again. I decide to make the trek Barefoot. I am close to successfully throwing away the trash when DISASTER STRIKES! I step on a pinecomb.pinecolmb THE PAIN shoots through the torn flesh of my foot. THE PAIN causes me to loose my balance and fall. My driveway is on a hill, so when I hit the ground I tumble. The trash I was carrying being strewn about as I roll down the incline. My body comes to a rest on the level street at the base of my driveway. I am bruised, confused and THE PAIN is disorientating. As I begin to recover from the stumble. BAM, I’m run over by my elderly neighbor’s truck as he returns home from a fishing trip. THE PAIN is over because I’m dead. The evil pinecomb has claimed yet another victim. Continue reading !@#$ SHOES!

Dallas Comic Con & Stan Lee, AGAIN!

Above-Average-Cons-Dallas-Comic-Con-with-stan-leeI’m so behind in everything. I’m making new artwork, printing artwork for Heroes Con and trying to keep you all updated on what I’m doing. Sorry that I suck at it. I wish this was my full time job, but these darn bills require me to work for money. It sucks! (Heroes Con is in two days by the way.)

Anyway, two weekends ago I attended the Dallas Comic Con! Boy, oh boy it was fun. The best part was I got to see my two very best friends in the whole wide world, Dan and Dan. I’ve known them both since we were teenagers.
Dan P. (The one on the left.) is shown here prominently displaying his crotch to the world. (He’s so proud.) I’ve known him since middle school. Dan L. (The one on the right.) looks crazy while I look as if I’m dreaming of Kate Upton. I’ve known him since high school. I’m not related to either of them, but they are like my brothers and this convention was a happy excuse for us to get together for the first time in roughly five years. I wish I took more pictures of us. Continue reading Dallas Comic Con & Stan Lee, AGAIN!