I’ve Been Busy.

I’ve been busy making things and preparing things for a Comic Book Convention down in Orlando, Fl. MegaCon! Unfortunately that along with my day to day life, job, and my continued efforts to organize my office have prevented me from posting stuff. I’m trying to to neglect my beloved website. I’ll be posting some older work and hopefully some newer work soon. Please hang in there, keep checking back and continue to be Above Average.

Some Old Sketches From 2014

I was rummaging, because I rummage. I came across some sketches from 2014. These are 5×7 sketch cards I take to comic book conventions, to draw whatever Above Average Art people may want from me.  Continue reading Some Old Sketches From 2014

Moon Shine with Aysle

Casey-ArnoldThis Above Average Sexy Lady is the audacious Aysle. (Not her real name.) She was such a delight to work with. She was a young college girl at the time. I think she’s a teacher at a University now. (I’m hot for teacher.) We shot together twice and this shot is from the first one.
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Love Kills Slowly

Above-Average-Love-Kills-SlowlyThis is originally an Ed Hardy Design. I just thought I did this well recreating it as a vector graphic. This was for a sign shop i worked for in South Carolina. Just a stones throw from Gafney. (Frank Underwood’s district on house of cards.) I made it as a decal along with some vines and stuff for a golf cart. I never got a picture of that golf cart, but I was told it looks great.

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Harassing Neil deGrasse Tyson

2014-08-15 07.49.02-3
This is not a fake or doctored image.

There was a time when I met a wise man and this post is proof of that. Actually I also have a letter. (You can see if  farther down.)

My relationship with Neal started off with a simple Question and a small request based off the answer to that question. I sent this: Continue reading Harassing Neil deGrasse Tyson